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Atom Optics (i.e. optics with atoms)



Holographic manipulation of wavefront (wave optics)

Atom Holography

Double Slit Interference of Atoms

Movie of double slit interference of cold neon atoms (experiment by F. Shimizu et. al. Phys. Rev. A 46, R17 (1992))
simple version (788kB)
combined version (360kB)
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How to make such movies (in Japanese)

Trapping Methods (of neutral atoms, molecules, quantum dots, micro-spheres, ...)

Dynamical trapping of neutral particles with electric field

"Electric Trapping of Neutral Atoms : Stability Theory"
M. Morinaga and F. Shimizu, Laser Phys. 4 412 (1994) pdf laser physics journal

"Planar Electric Trap for Neutral Particles"
M. Morinaga and T. Kishimoto, JJAP 48 096505 (2009) arXiv:0903.4955 (2009)

Circular Magneto-Optical Trap (ring MOT)

JPSJ 77 104402 (2008)

Making coils


archive of miscellaneous informations
photo archive
How does a (plano-convex) lens look like when viewed from an oblique angle?: lens_e.pdf

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